About Us

The team at Pay Per Call Marketing set out with one simple objective.
–> Provide incredible value to our customers.
Traditional internet marketing models involve complicated methods like:
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
– PPC (Pay Per Click)
– Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
– Video Marketing (YouTube, Vimeo)
– Banner Advertising
– Email Marketing
– Lead Generation
  … and so on
Do you really have time to learn all of these methods? Wouldn’t you rather be concentrating on your own business and keep things simple?
In the days before the Internet, traditional marketing involved advertising in telephone directories and the Yellow Pages (TM).

Today, it’s becoming harder for offline businesses to stand out from the crowd. Generating new leads and enquiries is more difficult because your target audience is scattered.
They use a variety of platforms on social media to interact. This means that older forms of marketing, like the telephone directories, no longer work like they used to.
Rather than flicking through the Yellow Pages (TM), your target audience is now looking online for your services, using their PC and their mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) to get results immediately.

We understand this. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to become the experts in all of the above internet marketing models. The result is that we can deliver what you really need:
–> Live phone calls from customers that are looking for your services.
To get in touch contact us here.