Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does pay per call work?

We generate phone calls from targeted customers that are looking for your service. We then forward these calls onto your business. At the end of each week you’ll receive an invoice from us for these calls.

2. How do I know which calls are from you?

Our system tracks which calls we generate and then provides a ‘call whisper’ before the call is forwarded onto you.
A ‘call whisper’ is a very short message, something like “This is a call from PPCM” that you will hear once you pick up the phone. The customer is then transferred to you.

3. Do I need new equipment?

No, you do not need any new equipment. You can keep your existing business set up.

4. How do you generate leads?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants have done all the hard work for you. We place strategic ads across a variety of online platforms.
Our expertise allows us to take on all the risk incurred with advertising, allowing you to reap the benefits of live phone calls directly to your business.

5. Are the calls recorded?

Yes. Our system records any calls that we generate and forward onto your business. This helps us to eliminate nuisance calls and means that you don’t get charged unnecessarily.

6. How do you monitor if a call is qualified?

We will charge you if a call goes over a particular length. This length may vary but is normally set at 60 seconds.

7. What if the call is not from a customer?

If you are receiving nuisance phone calls from telemarketers advertising their business, let us know their telephone number and we will block it through our system.
We will then credit you with a free lead the following week.

8. What if the same customer calls back later in the day?

Our system will detect if the same telephone number is being used more than once in a 24 hour period.
You will not be charged for multiple enquiries from the same telephone number.

9. Will I get charged even for general enquiries?

Yes, as long as the call is qualified (ie. not a nuisance caller and of a certain length – see Question 6 above).
Businesses that invest into ‘pay per click’ understand that not every click will turn into a paying customer. The same applies with pay per call.
No company can guarantee that every propect that rings you will turn into a paying customer. This is a fact of business.
Even if you were to advertise in the Yellow Pages (TM), telephone directories or place ads on the radio, not every enquiry would turn into a paying customer. But you would still have paid for this advertising in advance.
Pay per call marketing offers you live leads with no up front costs. It is down to you to close the leads that we send.
No other form of marketing offers as much value. Remember, we don’t charge in advance for our service, only for the calls that you receive. And we don’t tie you into long term contracts.

10. Are my leads shared?

No, we only offer you exclusive leads. We do not like the business model of charging for shared leads because someone always loses out.
We know other lead generation companies that share their leads – typically between 4 competing businesses, and this is how it works…
i) When a lead is shared:
– The customer benefits from a good user experience because they receive up to 4 enquiries. Customers typically choose either the first business that calls them or the one that offers the lowest price.
– The lead generation company also wins because they receive a premium from all 4 businesses for the lead.
– But, for the 3 businesses that don’t win the customer, this is a very poor user experience because they are left out of pocket.
ii) When a lead is exclusive:
– Your business wins because you get to keep the customer.
–> Here at Pay per call marketing, our consultants differentiate ourselves by only providing you with exclusive leads.

11. How much do you charge compared to other companies?

Our prices vary depending on geographic area but typically we will always charge you less than for an exclusive lead then you would find elsewhere.
Our belief is to provide you with real value.
We have a vested interest in helping you generate new business because our success is tied to yours.

12. Will I see a return on investment with you?

Absolutely! We only provide you with exclusive leads. We also deliberately under charge for our leads (compared to other companies) because we understand that not every enquiry turns into a live paying customer.
Our aim is to be fair. At the end of each week we want to make sure that the additional revenue you have generated, from all the calls we have sent you, far exceeds the amount that you pay us.
This keeps both parties happy. Our existing clients find such incredible value from our pay per call service that they stay with us with long term.

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