Why Choose Us

A few reasons to choose us…


1. Easy, simple marketing

We do all the hard work. We learn all the complicated online marketing models, break them down and simplify them into one easy system for you.
If you’re on a limited budget then you don’t need to worry about expensive advertising any more.
We deliver live phone calls to you. You pay for qualified calls. That’s it.

2. Pay per call complements other forms of marketing

If you’re currently investing into other forms of marketing, that’s fine.
It doesn’t matter whether you are spending on pay per click, social media, SEO or even traditional forms of marketing like magazine ads, radio and direct mail.
Pay per call complements all forms of marketing. There’s no conflict of priorities and there’s no readjusting of your marketing budget.

3. Low risk marketing

With pay per call you don’t pay for anything up front. You only pay a cost for each phone call that we generate for you.
So no long term contracts and no up front fees. It’s a true pay as you go service.

4. We offer exclusivity

Other lead generation companies share their leads between several businesses. We do not like this business model because inevitably, only one business wins the customer whilst the other businesses lose out.
With our Pay per call marketing, you will only ever receive exclusive leads.
That’s our promise.

5. Superior form of marketing

Pay per call is the most valuable form of marketing. We hand you live customer leads on a plate. No other model out there provides as much value.
Businesses that invest into ‘pay per click’ are charged every time a prospect lands on their website. If that prospect doesn’t like the look of your website then they’ll bounce off to a competitor’s website but you’ll still get charged.
Typically it can take up to 10 clicks on your website before your business receives a phone call or email enquiry.
Pay per call is superior because we send you live calls from targeted customers.

“It can take up to 10 clicks… before you receive a call”


6. Our guarantee: cancel at any time

We are so confident in the value that our services provides that we don’t tie you in to long term contracts and we don’t take any payment up front.
Neither do we make you wait several weeks or months to see a return on your investment.
Our success depends on your success. So we have a vested interest in generating more business for you.
If you feel at any time that our service is not delivering or that it’s not right for you, just let us know and we’ll stop forwarding our live leads to you.
That is our guarantee.